TerraPi Xtreme DUO Raspberry Pi Dual HDD NAS Case Kit

 The INUX3D TerraPi Xtreme DUO is dual 3.5” HDD open-frame Raspberry Pi NAS case for the Raspberry Pi 3 B and Raspberry Pi 4 B series computers. The TerraPi Xtreme DUO is available in all black and orange and black colors.

This case has been designed to allow you to take advantage of lower cost HDDs and to create a NAS or media server with a Raspberry Pi and open source server software such as Open Media Vault. Raspberry Pi is also compatible with ownCloud, providing additional NAS server options.

A set of externally powered USB3 to SATA adapters are required to connect the Raspberry Pi to the HDDs.

The TerraPi Xtreme DUO can also be used as a DAS (Direct Attached Storage) case for housing the 2 HDD drives and connecting directly to your laptop.

The TerraPi Xtreme DUO kit includes the case frame components, a 40mm silent fan, a set of 4 heatsinks, rubber feet to increase stability and to reduce noise and vibrations from the HDDs and all required assembly hardware and instructions. Assembly is easy and takes about 5 minutes.

Raspberry Pi, HDDs and USB to SATA adapters are not included and sold separately.

Product Specifications