Based in the Minneapolis metro area, PepperTech Digital is a B2C and B2B retailer of computing, automation and IoT components as well as livestream and gear for professional content creators.

    We serve individuals, hobbyists, education and government/military customers from our website and eight marketplace channels.

Our mission is to provide world class technology components to everyone from engineering teams to students, enabling exploration and innovation.  We enable you to build the tech that you use.  If you can imagine it, we’ll supply the components to build it.

Authorized reseller for Arduino, INUX3D, PK1/Pro Streamer, RADXA and Adafruit.

While our mission is enabling technology innovation, learning and experimentation, the soul of our brand lies in our values and focus on customer experience.

Our values are rooted in the power of technology as a force for good and our commitment to be good: to our co-workers, community, and planet.

Our customer experience focus starts with the quality of our products.  Our PepperTech Digital products consist of authentic, high-quality components sourced through our manufacturers’ authorized distribution chains.

In addition to the confidence of quality, customer experience means providing concierge class service, pre and post-sale.

Finally, we know that you have choices.  We never lose sight of this.  Your business and serving you is a privilege.


    For professional sports, wedding, faith and livestream content creators.

    High quality computing and pro video products and great prices!