TerraPi NG SSD / NAS Case for Raspberry Pi

The TerraPi NG is the newest of the TerraPi product line of SSD cases for Raspberry Pi. The NG includes a power switch and an updated base with rubber feet for additional stability.

By adding a power button and a small code snippet (included in the instructions), the TerraPi NG provides a safe power off/power on experience for the Raspberry Pi computer - no more corrupted SD cards!

TerraPi Raspberry Pi SSD cases are innovative and elegant cases for the Raspberry Pi and 2.5 inch SSDs. This design makes it ideal for headless Raspberry Pi applications, such as OMV NAS, cloud server and other similar uses. The TerraPi NG's vertical design minimizes physical footprint while keeping cables tidy.

For maximum flexibility, the TerraPi NG is compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 B, Raspberry Pi 3 Model B and Model B+ single board computers. Note that the TerraPi will accommodate Raspberry Pi 2 series boards, but these boards do not support USB SSD due to power limitations.

What's in the box:
  • TerraPi NG case kit
  • TerraPi NG switch and mount
  • 40mm fan which will keep your Pi cool
  • 4 heatsinks to provide additional cooling
  • Rubber feet for additional stability
Available in red, black and single and dual SSD versions.

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Product Specifications