TerraPi D - DIN Rail TerraPi Modular System for Raspberry Pi

The TerraPi D is a version of the classic TerraPi Raspberry Pi SSD case that allows for mounting on a DIN rail.

The TerraPi Raspberry Pi SSD case is an innovative case for the Raspberry Pi and 2.5 inch SSDs that leverages the SSD as part of the case design. The open frame design of this Raspberry Pi SSD case allows for easy access to ports and viewing of the status LEDs.

The DIN rail version of the TerraPi is a great fit for headless Raspberry Pi applications, such as Raspberry Pi NAS, cloud server and other similar uses. The DIN rail TerraPi D is ideal for educational, laboratory or engineering and testing settings.

This Raspberry Pi case is designed for standard 2.5inch SSDs and includes a mount for a 40mm fan. A 40mm X 40mm fan, ideally 10mm in height (or less), has been tested and proven to provide the best combination of cooling and low noise.

The TerraPi D is manufactured using an additive manufacturing process with plastic components that provide an ideal combination of weight and strength.

The TerraPi D is compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 B, Raspberry Pi 3 Model B and Model B+ single board computers. Note that the TerraPi will accommodate Raspberry Pi 2 series boards, but these boards do not support USB SSD due to power limitations.

What’s in the box:
  • TerraPi D case components with DIN rail mounting clips
  • SSD mounting screws
  • Mount for 40mm fan
  • Assembly instructions
Raspberry Pi, SSD, DIN rail stand, SATA adapter and fan sold separately.

TerraPi and Raspberry Pi trademarks are property of their respective owners. Includes lifetime limited warranty.

Product Specifications