PK1 Pro Streamer IS Stand for YoloBox Instream

The PK1 Pro Streamer IS for YoloBox Instream is a dual purpose desktop stand for the industry's first vertical streaming solution. The stand also provides a C-type adapter, which allows for mounting the streaming device on a tripod or arm, while maintaining the center of balance.

The stand allows the streaming device to be placed in two positions to best accommodate the content creator's desired viewing angle during live streaming.

The stand's threading is compatible with all standard photo and video tripods.

The PK1 Pro Streamer IS for YoloBox Instream is available in red or black.

The C adapter uses carbon fiber construction for maximum strength and rigidity.

Product Specifications

Device compatibility
  • YoloLiv YoloBox Instream
Accessory mounts
  • Removable C-mount for tripod
Ideal for
On-location or studio streaming with vertical orientation

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