PepperTech Digital Raspberry Pi HQ Camera Value Pack (Raspberry Pi HQ Camera and 16mm Telephoto Lens)

    Includes official Raspberry Pi 12.3MP HQ Camera, official 16mm telephoto C-mount lens and an additional, longer (610mm), ribbon cable for mounting flexibility.

    The Raspberry Pi HQ Camera is a 12.3MP camera based on the IMX477 sensor. This is a back-illuminated CMOS active pixel stacked sensor with a square pixel array (4056x3040 active pixels, 1.55 μm × 1.55 μm pixel size). In addition to higher resolution, the IMX477 also provides improved low light performance. This sensor is capable of 4K2K image capture at 60fps. Output video formats are RAW12/10/8 and COMP8.

    The camera unit is designed to accept CS-mount lenses (using an included milled aluminum lens mount). The camera kit includes a CS to C-mount adapter, which expands lens options by extending the back focus by 5mm. The camera unit includes an integrated tripod mount and focus adjustment ring. This value pack also includes the standard 200mm and an extended 610mm ribbon cable.

    This value pack includes the Raspberry Pi endorsed 16mm telephoto lens. This is a 16mm f1.4-f16 lens with field angles of: 1": 44.6°× 33.6° 2/3": 30.0°× 23.2°. This lens is ideal for photography, CCTV, security camera or applications where the camera is mounted away from the subject. Includes manual focus and aperture controls.

    Camera Key Features:
    • 12.3MP
    • Back illuminated active pixel stacked CMOS sensor
    • Back focus adjustable (12.5mm–22.4mm)
    • Integrated IR filter (see below)
    • 4K2K@60fps, 1080p@240fps capture
    • RAW 12/10/8 and COMP8 output
    • Sensor includes ambient light sensor and is capable of on-the-fly mode transition
    Lens Key Features:
    • F1.4-f16 manually adjustable
    • Field angles of 1": 44.6°× 33.6° 2/3": 30.0°× 23.2°
    • Manually adjustable focus
    PepperTech Digital lifetime limited warranty is included. Note that removing the IR filter will void this warranty.

    Product Specifications