[OPEN BOX] TerraPi Q – A Quiet TerraPi - Raspberry Pi SSD Case / RPi NAS Server Case


The TerraPi Q (Quiet) Raspberry Pi SSD case is an innovative and elegant vertical case for the Raspberry Pi and 2.5 inch SSDs. This design makes it ideal for headless Raspberry Pi applications, such as OMV NAS, cloud server and other similar uses. The TerraPi Q’s vertical design minimizes physical footprint while keeping cables tidy.

In addition to being ideal for Raspberry Pi server applications, the TerraPi Q’s open frame design provides easy access to all ports and visibility of the LED status lights.

The TerraPi Q is designed for standard 2.5inch SSDs. The “Q” (quiet) variation of the TerraPi includes a heatsink and thermal pads for cooling. This variation is slightly smaller than the fan-equipped TerraPi.

The TerraPi Q is manufactured using an additive manufacturing process with plastic components that provide an ideal combination of weight and strength.

The TerraPi Q is compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 series single board computers.

What’s in the box:

  • TerraPi Q case components
  • Passive heatsink
  • Thermal pads
  • SSD mounting screws
  • Allen key for screws
  • Assembly instructions
Raspberry Pi and SSD sold separately.

TerraPi and Raspberry Pi trademarks are property of their respective owners. Includes lifetime limited warranty.

Product Specifications