Package Reroute

Sometimes it's only after you have placed an order that you realize that you used the wrong delivery address.  We get it.  The information below will help you get your order delivered to the right place.

Package has not shipped

If you have not received an email indicating that your order has shipped, please contact our sales support team at sales@peppertech.io.  Please provide your order number when contacting us.  We can update the shipping information for you prior to shipment.

Price: No charge

Package has shipped, but we still have it

If you have received an email that the package has shipped, but the tracking information only indicates "Label Created," your order may still be in our possession.  Please contact our sales support team with your order number at sales@peppertech.io.. We will research your order and determine if it is still in our possession.  If it is, we will void the shipping label and re-ship your order with the correct delivery information.

Price: No charge

Package has shipped and is with the carrier

If your package is in the possession of the carrier we still may be able to intercept it and re-direct it.  Please contact sales support at sales@peppertech.io with your order number.  We will research your order and determine if we can reroute it.  If we can re-route it, we will send you an invoice for the fee listed below.  Once this invoice has been paid, we will reroute your order.  Please note that this service is non-refundable, regardless of the carrier's delivery outcome.


USPS $16.99 (non refundable)

UPS: $19.99 (non refundable)