We are guided by a strong sense of social responsibility. Our core social commitments and beliefs are provided below.

  • We believe in technology. We believe that, when used appropriately, technology is a force for good. Technology allows us to learn and share information and resources, provides access to global markets and has the power to connect us in ways never before possible.

  • We believe in equality. We believe that all persons, regardless of age, race, gender, religious belief or faith, national origin, sexual orientation, or ethnicity are entitled to all opportunities and benefits that our society offers.

  • We believe in the power of diversity. We believe that diversity, in all aspects, makes us stronger, smarter and more effective as a company.

  • We believe in our planet. We know that our climate is changing and that humans are responsible. We know that waste in our landfills and oceans has a crippling effect on our planet. As a result, we are energy efficient, we recycle and utilize recycled materials where possible.