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TerraPi Alpha 2
Horizontal Dual SSD Raspberry Pi
Server / NAS Case Kit

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Kit Contains
TerraPi Alpha-2 Frames - Right and Left
TerraPi SSD Clips - Right and Left
TerraPi 40mm Fan Mount
M3 x 6mm Screws - 12 Pieces
M2.5 x 16mm Screws - 4 Pieces
M2.5 x 6mm Screws - 4 Pieces
Step 1: Attach Clips to SSD
  • Place the SSD on a flat surface and mount the SSD clips as shown above. Use 4 M3 x 6mm screws to mount the SSD clips.
  • NOTE: SSD clips should lay flat on the SSD.
Step 2: Mount Raspberry Pi
  • Important: If you are using a 40mm fan, mount the fan on to the TerraPi fan mount first
  • Place the Raspberry Pi over the SSD and previously mounted clips, aligning the four corner holes.
  • Place the fan mount/assembly over the 4 Raspberry Pi holes
  • Secure the fan assembly and Raspberry Pi to the SSD assembly using 4 m2.5 x 16mm screws.
Step 3: Mount the side plates
  • Important: Using 4 M3 x 6mm screws, mount each side plate to the top SSD first.
  • After mounting both sides to the top SSD, slide the bottom SSD into place and mount with the 4 remaining M3 x 6mm screws.

TerraPi Alpha 2
Manufactured under license from INUX3D


Updated on 16 Jun 2022